P.A.L.M.C. Principles
Our Vision, Our Acronym, Our Foundation
Parkside Assisted Living and Memory Cottage’s mission is to support and care for our residents and their families with dignity and respect. Our acronym, P.A.L.M.C. is the foundation of our resident-centered care philosophy.








Promise  To  Excellence


Achieving  More  Together


Loving  Life


Meaningful  Connections


Compassionate  Care

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Promise to excellence

We believe that all residents, their families and our Associates should experience excellence at Parkside Assisted Living and Memory Cottage. Outstanding care, superb hospitality with signature comfort recipes, inspiring open-concept living with abundant natural light and thoughtful life enrichment programs inspire our residents.

Achieving More together

A resident’s care and life experiences at

Parkside Assisted Living and Memory Cottage are supported by a dedicated network of compassionate P.A.L.M.C. Associates.  We are honored that our families entrust us to care for their loved ones. We consistently praise and recognize our Associates who understand and embody the “achieving more together” philosophy with our very own original " P.A.L.M.C. Cheer”

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loving life


Engaging all five senses through thoughtful, meaningful life enrichment and wellness activities is how we “love life” at Parkside Assisted Living and Memory Cottage.  Our life enrichment team specializes in memory care activities that support our resident’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. Ribbon chair exercise, balloon toss, bowling, painting, interactive cooking, lucky lotto, herb gardening, bird watching and relaxing in nature, armchair travel, costume theme parties, music, dancing, spiritual services and so much more are all part of how we “love life.”

Meaningful Connections

When a resident and their family choose Parkside Assisted Living and Memory Cottage, we want to connect with the whole family.  We begin the journey together to learn more about our resident’s interests, hobbies, culinary preferences, favorite music and entertainment. This resident-centered discovery approach allows our wellness and life enrichment teams to carefully design specialized ways to connect and inspire our residents daily.  We reference and respect nostalgia, and collaborate to create new memories for families. We offer ongoing family events and specialty talks based on collaboration with local experts as part of our Family Connections program.


Compassionate Care

Led by a team of highly trained nurses, our Wellness and Nursing Associates have deep compassion and a profound sense of responsibility towards the care and well-being of all our residents. At Parkside Assisted Living and Memory Cottage we believe there is life beyond a diagnosis. We are establishing ourselves as the Memory Care Resource for Charlotte County and have created innovative culinary methods to keep residents engaged in dining including colorful dining plates and utilizing the award winning Eat Well adaptive system. Our Culinary Team mindfully navigates dietary preferences and restrictions and creates homemade classics with thoughtful, delicious seasoning.

We invite you to join us to see our P.A.L.M.C. Principles in action.  

Contact us today and learn more about how you can “love where you live.”

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